Italian State Secretary for EU Mr. Sandro Gozi in a debate with students

On February 22nd 2017, the discussion with the Secretary of State for European affairs of Italy Mr. Sandro Gozi was held at the University of Economics. The debate was organized by the embassy of Italy in Prague and the Centre for European Studies at the University of Economics and chaired by the director of the Centre for European Studies Mr. Jarolím Antal.

The event was opened by the Italian Ambassador in the Czech Republic, Mr. Aldo Amati. Afterwards distinguished guest Mr. Sandro Gozi shared his views on the developments in the EU.

In his speech he outlined the current issues that Europe faces and the circumstances such as Brexit, relations with the US, elections in Germany, France and the Netherlands as well as the consequences of the crisis (not only economic but also political and social). He also mentioned the new challenges and issues that Europe should deal with, such as growing extremism and populism, new instruments to stimulate growth and investment in the Eurozone, reforms of institutions and further focusing on migration crisis.

Sandro Gozi is a Member of the Italian Parliament since 2006. Currently he is the State Secretary at the Presidency in the Italian Government, in charge of European Affairs. Moreover, Gozi worked in Italy’s diplomatic service and was an official of the European Commission. Since 2013 he works as vice-president of the Assembly of the Council of Europe.