Call for applications/Best MA thesis on EU issues: Laboratory of the European Union (deadline 15.7.)

About the competition

“The Laboratory of the European Union: a proceedings of the best Master theses written on the EU” is  a project announced and funded by the Representation of the European Commission in the Czech Republic in cooperation with the Department of Communications of the European and Institutional Affairs Office of the Czech Government and implemented by the Department of World Economy, Faculty of International Relations, University of Economics in Prague cooperation with the Center for European Studies of the University of Economics and representatives of other universities / universities in the Czech Republic.


Mission of the project

Its mission is:

  • to reward those students / graduates who are interested in European affairs and whose thesis will be submitted in the competition for the best thesis.
  • to stimulate the contribution of new ideas on deepening and improving the European Union’s action at the academic level, to reward creative activities of students and to increase the interest of university students in European affairs.
  • to enables the authors to demonstrate the quality of their initial scientific work, and to use it after the completion of their university studies at the beginning of their professional career.


Awards for winners

Students / graduates whose Master thesis are placed in the 1st – 3rd place will also receive a financial reward 1000/700/500 EUR.


How to join?

Student / graduate of the Master’s or Follow-up Master’s degree program (accredited in Czech Republic, defined as “magisterský studijní program” or “navazující magisterský studijní program”) can submit his/her Master/diploma thesis in Czech / Slovak or English language on European affairs, which addresses the current issues of the European Union. Only theses defended not more than one year since the defense will be considered for further evaluation.

You can submit your thesis by filling an electronic application. The application may be submitted by the author of the diploma thesis or by another person (supervisor, head of the study program / department, head of the department, vice-dean of the faculty, etc.) after obtaining the written consent of the student (part of the application). An obligatory part of the application is a diploma thesis in the on-line version.

Deadline for submitting the application

15th July 2019

The results of the competition will be announced by 30.9. 2019

Further questions will be answered by

Jarolim Antal, Coordinator fo the project



Evaluation criteria

The submitted Master/diploma theses will be selected on the basis of the reviews of independent evaluators and by a collective decision of the editorial board. The theses will be selected according to following criteria:

  • objectives, hypotheses and their fulfillment
  • methodology
  • content accuracy and depth of analysis
  • ability of argumentation and critical thinking
  • quotes and work with sources
  • formal criteria, language, grammar and style

Ten best theses will become a part of a publication / proccedings of the best Master thesis.