The EU Enlargement Policy Possibilities and Frontiers


European Union has gone through principal changes in recent years, both due to global financial crises as well as geopolitical changes at its very frontiers. Will the EU be able to face these challenges? How will it affect its internal structure? What is the enlargement policy dealing with in current developments?

Centre for European Studies (CES) based at University of Economics in Prague kindly invites you to submit abstracts for your papers for international academic conference “The EU Enlargement Policy – Possibilities and Frontiers”. We accept papers dealing with various aspects of the EU enlargement policy.

The conference is funded by an Internal Grant IG210015 of the Faculty of International Relations, University of Economics, Prague


Proposed panels are as following:

  1. Enlargement Policy – Current state of play
    • Neighborhood Policy and its Economics and Politics
    • The Eastern Partnership in the context of the European Neighbourhood Policy
    • The current state of enlargement – Western Balkans countries
  2. Enlargement Policy – Questions for future
    • The Idea of EU – Who Should Be In and Why?
    • Shaping the New Europe
    • Final frontiers of the EU?


Conference programme is available here


Presentations will be organized in three sections, each section will have several panels with 3–4 presenters. Each speaker will have about 10 minutes to present his/her paper and discussion will follow. Duration of one panel should not exceed 90 minutes. Please respect time reserved for presentation of your paper to keep the conference schedule!

Whiteboard/blackboard, computer and overhead projector will be available for your presentation. In case you want to use them, please bring your presentation on a CD/USB stick in .pdf or .ppt file format.



The deadline for all abstracts is 30 June 2015.

Notification of acceptance/rejection will be sent back by 15 July 2015.

Final deadline for your papers is 11 September 2015.

All papers will be reviewed and published in a special conference proceedings (will be submitted for indexing in Thompson Reuters Database).


Please note that conference fee is 20 EUR.


The conference will be held at University of Economics in Prague on 12 November 2015.

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The conference proceedings is available here