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CETA: Potential for further integration of relations and implications for Czechia

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14.3.2017 18:00

Another Export evening at the University of Economics, Prague will discuss the recently signed free trade agreement between the EU and Canada (CETA). What does the agreement bring and what can be expected from further liberalization of trade between Canada and the EU? What will be the impact on the Czech-Canadian trade? What specifically CETA brings to the Czech exporters?


Daniel Hohnstein, Expert project funded by the EU "Market Access Support for EU business in Canada in CETA context", partner of law firm Associate at Borden Ladner Gervais LLP,

Jaroslav Jelinek, Head of the foreign office CzechTrade in Calgary, Canada,

Stephen Head, Head of strategic policy and sectoral issues Canadian Organization for Standardization Standards Council of Canada;

Moderator: Ingeborg Němcová

Working language is English.

The event takes place 14.3. 18:00 in room RB211. Registration is not required.

Export evenings organizes CES in cooperation with the Centre for Asian Studies and the Student Club of trade and competitiveness.